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Terms and Conditions


Orders are accepted subject to availability. Every year I try my best to estimate the available quantities for each variety. And although I try to be conservative doing so, growing conditions vary each season, and very rarely I might not be able to fulfill your order entirely.

From my own experience I know how frustrating that is...

And although it is common practice to send substitutes, I choose not to do so unless specifically asked for. Because if you order a specific variety, I know you want that particular variety, and not something similar but not quite the same... 

So in that case I would refund you the variety which was not delivered, or alternatively, if I am lucky enough to have you as a returning customer, we can work something for out the following season. 


I guarantee that the bulbs are in impeccable condition upon shipping. They will have gone through multiple pairs of hands, will have been cleaned thoroughly and have been double-checked before finally packing them. 

But, unlike myself, bulbs don't like to travel. And on a rare occasion it might happen that one of your precious bulbs has gone soft upon arrival after its long journey. I do apologize in advance, and I would love to offer you a replacement but, for obvious logistic reasons, that's not something I can do. Again, I would either refund the bulb, or offer you something for next season. 

I have a system in place that should avoid most mistakes while order picking (i.e. grabbing a bulb from the tray above or below the one I should have grabbed one).

But mistakes will happen. There will be unexpected flowers in Spring, and although they might be as nice as the ones you did order, they're not the ones you wanted. Send me a picture, and I'll try to ID them. And of course I will issue a refund. 

I'll try to send your bulbs as soon as possible, usually that will be in September. That means you should receive your parcel in October. If by the end of October you haven't received your bulbs, please contact me. I've got tracking numbers for every parcel which can be provided upon request, but please give it some time. I will post updates on the FCD Facebook and Instagram pages of shipping status.

Eihter plant your bulbs straight away upon arrival, or store them depending on your climate.

If you store them, please do so in a dry and cool place (not too cold, unless you need to for specific reasons). To keep the bulbs dry is of great importance! I would recommend adding silica gel pouches (or similar) to your box or bag to keep the moisture off your bulbs. I have received bulbs in great condition even after being stuck in customs for months, as long as they're dry. 


Now here some formal words;

Receipt of your order form indicates your acceptance of these terms of business.


Payments can be fulfilled on checkout with Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, iDeal or creditcard (Visa, Mastercard, American Express a.o.).

I also accept, and actually prefer "Manual Payments". Those are the oldschool wire transfers (necessary data available on checkout) or transfers via Wise (check

Manual payments have to be fulfilled within 7 days.

For United Kingdom customers, cash and cheques are accepted too, payable to Terry Braithwaite.


Phytosanitary Certificates

Although it has become increasingly difficult to export bulbs outside of Europe, we have managed to mitigate the costs for phytosanitary certificates for the United Kingdom and United States. Therefore we have decided not to charge UK and US customers for the required PC’s. Because of increasing prices however, we were forced to raise our shipping prices. 

For Japanese (and other overseas customers), the shipping charges include shipping, phytosanitary certificates for each customer individually.



Postal charges have been set up for the following regions (including phyto if required and track&trace): ​


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